This program was a critical step for me toward becoming a physician executive.  The breadth and scope of the faculty and interaction with the other physicians in the class  gave me the necessary tools, not only for my current role, but for future career growth as well.  I highly recommend the Alliance program to anyone who is or aspires to be a physician leader.

Sunita Koshy-Nesbitt, MD, MBA
Chief Hospital Quality Officer
TexasHealth Resources

I would recommend this program for physician leaders at any level.  When I began the program, I was a new leader who was trying to learn how to better communicate with the administration. By the time I finished, I had been asked to take increasing levels of leadership, and am now leading a large group of over 1000 physicians,  I credit the program for much of my career advancement, and use the knowledge and skills I learned in the classroom every day.

Jason Reichenberg, MD, MBA, FAAD
President, Ascension Medical Group Texas 

After graduating from the Alliance program in 2016, doors opened for me. It was not only about the skills acquired, but also about the confidence to pursue leadership roles.  It taught me a new language and gave me a seat at the table. I’m am now the vice president of a large psychiatric organization, slated to take over as president.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in taking his/her medical career to the next level.

Michelle Magid, MD, MBA
President, Austin PsychCare, PA
Vice President, Austin Neuropsychiatric Clinic
Associate Professor, University of Texas Medical School

This program has truly been a pleasure to attend; I learned so much more than you can possibly imagine.  You have a great team of educators and I will absolutely will stay in touch.  As I move forward into other ventures, I will be reaching out to you for your advice and input.  

Ambrosio Hernandez, MD, MBA
Mayor of Pharr, Texas
Chairman, The Advocacy Alliance Center of Texas 

I can’t tell you how very much I enjoyed and have benefited from this amazing program! It’s been a truly superb learning experience and a tremendously good value.  I’ll really miss the teaching and classroom discussions.  As I mentioned on my last day, I’m profoundly encouraged by seeing how wonderfully smart and service-oriented my classmates are. 

John R. Brineman, MD, MS, FASCP, FCAP
Colonel, US Army (Retired)
Medical Director, Central Region
Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

Thank you again for everything. This was a great experience and has really had an impact on my life and career in so many ways.  Several major leadership opportunities with large national systems have recently opened up to me.  Before this class I would have doubted my skill to tackle these positions, but with your leadership and the mentoring from the other faculty I remain very excited about these new challenges.

Michael G. Earing, MD, MS
CSG Medical Director of Regional Services
Director of the Wisconsin Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Divisions of Adult Cardiovascular Medicine and Pediatric Cardiology
Medical College of Wisconsin

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I really enjoyed the experience.  The program has given me new skills and knowledge, but most of all confidence that I can succeed as a physician leader.  Again thanks for all you do.

Luis A Concepcion MD, MS
Division Director Nephrology and Hypertension
Baylor Scott & White Central Texas

My sincere appreciation to the Alliance faculty as well as my classmates for broadening my horizons and opening up many more avenues to explore in healthcare. Major change is happening all around me, and at last I’m able to make some sense of it.  Kudos to you for a robust curriculum that maintained my interest and focus throughout!  I sure miss being there, and look forward to staying in touch.

Sudha Raman MD, MBA
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics
Site Chief,  Neonatal and ED Services
Nemours duPont Pediatrics

It’s been an absolute joy to be able to see how medicine and business are intertwined.  This program enabled me to learn additional things about the business side of medicine giving me additional ideas on projects that I will be pursuing with my quality department team.  I continue to fight daily so that I have a seat at the table instead of being on the menu.  This has to be my favorite line every time I am promoting physicians to get involved.

Corey Pollard, DPM, MBA
Regional Medical Director – Quality and Patient Safety
Baylor Scott and White Medical Center-College Station

I want you to know what a wonderful experience I had in the APL program.  I not only gained incredibly valuable knowledge that grew my abilities as a physician leader, but I use the information every day.  Thank you guys for your vision in creating and leading this program.  It is a blessing to all those privileged to be accepted in the program.

Ken L. Ford III, MD, MBA
American Radiology Associates, PA

The Alliance teaches physician leaders a different language that’s not learned in residency or in medical practice. It teaches skills that are uniquely designed for physician executives, and I find myself using them literally every day. Whether it’s team leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution or cost and financial management, you’ll find these and other skills that you acquire invaluable as a physician leader.

Jeff Reames , MD, MBA, FACEP
Vice President Emergency Medicine
Mercy Health System 

The Alliance program offers the best combination of high quality, flexibility and value. The faculty are not only bright and knowledgeable, but also bring decades of healthcare management experience to the table. The content-rich discussions resulted in me learning a great deal from my fellow physicians in the class. I find myself utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired during the program on an everyday basis in my leadership role at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Raja Kandaswamy, MD, MBA, FACS
Sutherland Butterfield Professor of Surgery
Medical Director of Organ Transplant Services
University of Minnesota Fairview Medical Center

The curriculum and faculty are in perfect step with the current “storm climate” of healthcare. Whether it was the trip to Washington DC to discuss healthcare legislation with senior members of Congress or the fine tuning of my ability to have crucial conversations with my medical staff, each and every class brought a wealth of information that will be invaluable in my current role as CMO for a large system hospital. I’ll also cherish the relationships that I developed with other students and the faculty. The value of these relationships will last long past the next phase of healthcare reform.

Glenn Ledbetter, MD, MS
Chief of Clinical Efficiency
HealthTexas Provider Network
Chief Medical Officer
Baylor Scott White Medical Center

The program is unique in many respects. It’s taught by professors and healthcare leaders who have worked at some of the largest health and hospital systems in the country and are still on the cutting edge of the ever-changing healthcare environment. All the students are physicians and most are already in top management positions in their respective organizations. The class format lends itself to self learning, but group discussions and projects are the hallmark of the program. The opportunity to dialogue and solve problems with physicians from across the country, whether from a primary care or specialty group, university practice or managed care payor is an added bonus.

Ultimately every program is judged by the quality of its graduates. Alliance physician graduates can be found in the halls of congress and C suites of major healthcare systems and managed care organizations. I’m confident that this program has prepared me for the leadership challenges ahead.

Yomi Fayiga, MD, MS
Chief of Surgery
Texas Health Resources

The Alliance program is like nothing I could have imagined. Leadership, communication, and critical business skills are taught in an collaborative environment that has been purposefully built to develop physician leaders. If you want to run your private practice more effectively…earn a “C” suite job…or do something in between, this is the program for you.

Rich Haskett, MD, MS
Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer
Providence Healthcare Alliance
Medical Director
Care for Texans ACO

The Alliance program has transformed me as a physician leader. It greatly enhanced my skills in the areas of communication, giving and receiving effective feedback and agile decision making. A key lesson that I learned was that leadership is a behavior of socialized influence that fosters the ability to build relationships, trust and predictability as a physician leader.

Lamont A. Tyler, DO, MS, MSHLM, CPE
Market Medical Director 
HCA CareNow

I’ve been involved in physician leadership over the past 15 years of a 27 year career, and have learned so much from taking this program. I’m now much more prepared to discuss financial concerns such as budgets, operating margins, and cost management. It’s also given me the confidence to ask the difficult questions and have those crucial conversations when a difficult decision needs to be made.

I’ve also learned how to speak more effectively in front of colleagues by using the “physician leadership” principles that we learned in class. I’m in a much better place now when it comes to negotiation and conflict management. If you really take it seriously and do your pre-classroom work, you will get so much out of this program. I truly value all that I have learned in the program and would strongly recommend it or anyone who has passion for physician leadership. The networking and alumni relationships are just “icing” on the cake.

Frank C. LaVora, DPM, MS
Chief Medical Officer
Greater Milwaukee South
Aurora Health Care

The Alliance executive program for physicians offered me a far richer experience than I expected. The content, faculty expertise, relevancy and up-to-date information made me the leader I envisioned I could be in this very dynamic healthcare market.

Manuel Arreguin, MD, MBA
Regional  Director of Women’s Health

Geisinger Health Care

After several years as a department chair, I began looking for a more in-depth educational program that would help me improve my leadership skills and provide me with a foundational knowledge of the business of healthcare. After researching several master’s degree-level programs delivered in a variety of online and/or residential formats, I found the Alliance program at UT Dallas to be the perfect fit in terms of format, reasonable cost, easily accessed location, relevant course topics, and practical degree options. The knowledge and skills I acquired have definitely helped me be a better department chair in terms of understanding and managing our departmental finances, dealing effectively with the challenges of managing people, and working successfully with affiliate physician partners in our private academic partnership.

Overall, I found this program to be exceptionally well run, updated constantly to remain relevant, and extremely pertinent to helping make physician leadership more effective in a time of transformational change in healthcare. I am absolutely certain the education I received has prepared me to be a more effective physician leader in my organization.

Todd R. Hazelton, MD, MS
Professor and Chair
Department of Radiology
USF Health Morsani College of Medicine 

The range of topics covered in the APL program is equaled only by the breadth of experience of the participants. The faculty are experts in their fields and bring a level of understanding of the subject matter that allows for stimulating presentations. The class is made up of physicians from across the country with a wide variety of backgrounds and representation from all the medical specialties. The class relationships I’ve developed have been very helpful as I’ve transitioned from practicing physician to physician leader. I thank you for the opportunity.

Brian K. Becker, MD, MS
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Providence Healthcare Network

The development of successful physician executive leaders is more than just being an expert clinician. The Alliance curriculum provides the knowledge and experiences needed to learn the language of leadership and how to bridge the gap between physicians and administration. It is flexible enough to fit into a busy clinician’s lifestyle and is taught by pioneering physician leaders and other experts dedicated to the development of physician leadership. This has been a great experience for me, and I really appreciate all of the knowledge and skills that it has provided.

Michael Meyer, MD, MS
Division Chief of Pediatric Critical Care

Medical College of Wisconsin,
Medical Director of Pediatric Intensive Care
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

I have attended several other physician leadership programs, but I have never been exposed to a more germane, healthcare-focused curriculum. The lectures and discussions are always well led and thoughtfully designed to bring focus and clarity to issues currently facing physician leaders. The depth of the analyses is always appropriately thorough and the knowledge and experience of the faculty leaves nothing to be desired. I truly thank you for the opportunity to have been involved in this program.

Eric Beshires, MD, MBA, FAAFP
Regional Medical Director
HealthTexas Provider Network
Family Medical Center at Garland

As a physician and owner of several medical clinics, the knowledge I obtained in this program has redefined my leadership and practice style. The classes provided more than an academic degree; they strengthened my ability to implement this knowledge by practical application in the real world scenarios we studied in the classroom. The professors are among the finest medical educators in the country. I met colleagues from a wide array of backgrounds, many already healthcare executives and chief medical officers. This was one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. Just as important, I have made friends for a lifetime.

Michael Magoon, MD, MS, FACEP
Executive Medical Director
The Emergency Clinics at Alamo Heights and LaVernia

The Alliance program provides the perfect tools and background for navigating today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. The program was both challenging and rewarding. The professors were experienced and insightful, and the opportunity to learn from classmates was an added bonus. The program helped me better understand the environment I work in, provided the technical tools to manage within it, and further developed my leadership skills. Highly recommend for any physician interested in healthcare leadership.  

Leticia A. Shanley, MD, MBA
Medical Director, Quality General Pediatrics
Baylor Scott &White McLane Children’s Medical Center

I had reached a cross roads in my life…either continue to do the same thing I had always done or explore what else I could do to advance my leadership career. The Alliance Master’s program gave me the skills and confidence to advance my leadership roles in my practice and in our healthcare system. The faculty are superb mentors and the relationships I built with them as well as my classmates will be long lasting.

Michael Sills, MD, MS, FACC 
Vice President of Informatics Technology
Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance

The Alliance program far exceeded my expectations. Its curriculum has provided an excellent education in the “business side” of healthcare. The flexibility of its curriculum uniquely accommodates a busy professional schedule, whether you are in medical practice wanting to expand into a leadership role, or you are already in a management position and wish to advance even further. Equally valuable is the opportunity to interact and study with colleagues from across the U.S. You become part of a nationwide network of physician graduates, establishing connections and friendships that continue long beyond your time in the classroom.

Steven A. Suba, MD, MS
Grace Obstetrics & Gynecology
Medical Director
Texas Health Southwest

The knowledge I gained from the Alliance program helped me grow in every aspect of my leadership capabilities. The exceptional faculty brings real-world experience into the classroom and creates a learning environment that is interactive and collaborative. The curriculum focuses on the most relevant areas of health care in way that really appeals to physicians and better prepares us to be the types of leaders that can transform health care.

Stephanie Copeland, MD, MBA
Senior Medical Director

One of the best investments I have made in my education and professional development was to enter into the Alliance program at the University of Texas at Dallas. After receiving my MBA, I felt confident that I had the knowledge and skills necessary to be a much more effective physician executive.

Scott Holliday, DO, MBA
Chairman, Clinical Governance Board
US Anesthesia Partners- North Texas

The Alliance MBA learning experience is outstanding. An exceptional faculty teaches business principles, leadership and management skills in a format that is pertinent and relevant to practicing physicians working in both academic and community settings. Having developed these skills in the Alliance program, the prepared physician is ready to “go do it!”

Alan P.B. Dackiw MD, PhD, MBA, FACS
Professor of Surgery
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

This program provided me with an in-depth knowledge of a broad range of healthcare executive functions, including finance, quality and performance improvement, strategy, negotiation, conflict management and information management. As a long time physician, but a rather inexperienced Chief Medical Officer, these classes tooled me with a skill set not provided anywhere in my former medical training.  I learned from a very talented faculty, but my education was greatly enriched by my highly intelligent and motivated classmates. The classes are an efficient blend of motivational lectures and group breakout sessions, but with minimal busywork. I strongly believe that this program has contributed greatly to my effectiveness as a physician leader.

Jeffrey Embrey, MD, MS
Pathologist and Chief Medical Officer
Baylor Scott & White

I cannot imagine any other program more effectively preparing me for the challenges of successful physician executive leadership in our rapidly changing environment.  It offers a unique opportunity to openly interact and develop professional relationships with an  outstanding faculty as well as fifty other motivated and passionate physician leaders from diverse healthcare environments is exceptional.  I highly recommend this program to any physician at any point on their physician leadership journey.

Douglas A Brewer MD, MS, FASCRS
Colorectal Surgery Associates

This program has been a real game changer for me.  Besides getting an incredible education, my ability to create programs and lead my department has grown significantly. I’m a much more effective leader because of it.  For physician leaders, this program is a must! 

Darrin D’Agostino, DO, MBA, MPH, FACOI
Executive Dean and Vice President of Health Affairs

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

The knowledge and skills that I obtained has been invaluable to me as a physician executive. The faculty, curriculum, and fellow students all contributed to a rich learning environment that was relevant, challenging and enjoyable. I’ve  recommended it many times to my physician colleagues who seek to advance their careers.  

Cliff Fullerton, MD, MS
Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance

The AMME program provides relevant information that is immediately useful.  The professors are genuinely interested and knowledgeable and want the student to succeed.  The classes also provided many lifelong friendships and excellent networking opportunities.  Best of all they instilled a desire to continuously improve. 

Edward A. Laue, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer
Texas Health Huguley Hospital

Having completed the Alliance program five years ago I still find the education I received critical to making important decisions in the multiple healthcare technology and education startups in which I am involved. It would not be an exaggeration to say that my Alliance education has been a key factor in my ongoing success.  It was a great experience!

Nicholas Lorenzo, MD, MS, CPE FAAPL
Founder and CEO/CMO, PHLT Consultants

Managing Director, Board of Directors, Discourse LLC
Chief Medical Officer, MeMD Inc.

This is an outstanding program that provides an innovative approach to preparing physicians to be successful leaders.  The interaction with colleagues and faculty during each session is engaging and gives you an opportunity to learn from one another. It prepared me for success when I was offered the opportunity to move into a senior executive leadership position. I want to thank each of the faculty for their mentorship and guidance in helping me reach my personal and professional goals!

Sherri Morgan, MD, MBA, MPH
Division Vice President
Graduate Medical Education North Texas
HCA Physician Services Group

This program brings together a great group of practicing physicians and an outstanding faculty with real world experience.  I can truly say a lot of my leadership development started in the Alliance classroom, and I’m sending the best and brightest from our organization to get the same training.

Samson Jesudass, MD, MBA
Chief Clinical Officer

Ascension Texas

This program is outstanding.  It exceeded all my expectations, and I believe it’s very best of its kind.  I’ve benefitted tremendously from the relationships I developed in class, and I continue to use the knowledge I acquired on a daily basis.

John DiPasquale, MD, MBA
Managing Partner
Leading Edge Medical Associates

I am very grateful to have had this educational experience. From beginning to end, it’s designed to prepare physicians for a senior leadership role in their organizations.  I so believe in the APL experience that I am sending my most promising faculty there for their business education.

Robert Lane, MD, MS
Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics

Medical College of Wisconsin

My education at UTD provided an excellent opportunity for learning key business and management concepts through practical case-based interactions.  The faculty were excellent, and the team-based focus encouraged a realistic approach to effective problem solving.       

William Rayburn, MD, MBA
Professor and Associate Dean

Emeritus Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

The program has been invaluable to my development, and I support it wholeheartedly.  So much so, that we continue to send our younger leaders to the Alliance.  

Carlos O. Hernandez, MD, MS
WellMed Medical Group

The core knowledge gained in this program helps me to share the physician’s perspective with my administrative colleagues in a collaborative way that is crucial to the future success of our health system.

Diane Biery, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer
Methodist Specialty And Transplant Hospital

The UTD APL courses have just the right mix of didactics combined with experienced instructors that have been there, done that, and have the “street cred” of  hands-on leadership in both healthcare and industry.   In my opinion, UTD is leading the field in physician leadership and physician executive education.   

Barbara Allen, MD, MBA, FAAFP
Chief Medical Officer
DaVita Medical Group

Prior to this program I was trying to sail a ship without a compass; now I have some great navigational tools. It’s been a source of positive inspiration and energy. I would like to thank you deeply for giving me the opportunity to complete the program.

Aboo Nasar, MD, MPH, MBA 
President and Co-Founder
Senior Medical Associates

The relaxed, interactive atmosphere greatly enhances the ability to benefit from the experience of a distinguished faculty as well as the experience of classmates who are almost all in leadership positions in their own practices.

John McDonald, MD, MS
Chief Medical Officer
North Hills Hospital